Lync Tools and Add-Ons

Troubleshooting Tools

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Debugging Tools.  Install them on all of your Lync servers.  Download them from here:

Wireshark.  Install on all of your Lync servers to capture network packets.  Top tips, use filter “sip” to view all SIP packets being sent and received.  You can also point your Gateways syslog to your server running Wireshark and filter on “SYSLOG”.  You can Download from here:

Microsoft Port Query Tool with custom Lync XML.  Install on all Lync servers to check correct network ports are open.  See my post here:

Remote UC Troubleshooting Tool (RUCT).  Use this to check DNS records and certificates.  Download from here:

Lync 2013 Pre-Call Diagnostic Tool.  Use this tool on your clients to check for network metrics impacting media quality (MOS, Packet Loss and Jitter).  Windows 7/8 Desktop app:, Windows 8 Modern app:

Deployment Tools

Lync Dialing Rule Optimzer.  Use this tool to configure all of your normalization rules, voice policies and routes for you.

Lync Validator.  This tool is great for documenting Lync and figuring out what DNS entries/Certificates will be required.

Client Tools

Profiles for Lync. A great tool for changing between Lync accounts when testing or troubleshooting:

Elyza Chat Bot.  This chat bot is excellent for demo’s or just for playing around: