Lync 2013 – Conference Error

After deploying a Lync 2013 pool alongside an existing Lync 2010 deployment, users were unable to join conferences created by users registered on the 2013 pool. They would get the error “Conference Error”. This affected users who were moved from the 2010 pool and new users created on the 2013 pool.

When trying to change the Lync meeting options in Outlook or trying to reset the Assigned Conference Information via the Dial-in conference settings page it would generate an error.

Also, when calling the dial-in conference number and entering the conference ID you would get the message: “Sorry I can’t find a meeting with that number, try entering your conference ID again and then press #”.

The Lync 2013 Front End event logs had the following event:


To fix, if you run the command “Get-CsConferenceDirectory” it will return which conference directories are in use.


As you can see from the output above, there is still a conference directory from the old OCS 2007 R2 environment (BackCompatSite). The BackCompatSite was deleted from the Lync 2010 Topology a long time ago so I’m not sure why it is still referenced. As you can see this has the same Identity as the error on the Lync 2013 FE server (Failed to read pool FQDN associated with conference directory 11). To resolve this I deleted the BackCompatSite Conference Directory by running the command below (where 11 is the Identity of the Conference Directory I want to delete):


After I restarted the Lync 2013 FE server, users were able to create and join conferences. The meeting options in Outlook, Dial-in conferencing settings page and dial-in conference ID’s all worked too. Looks like Lync 2010 was fine with this old BackCompatSite Conference Directory, but Lync 2013 wasn’t!

Author: Chris Hayward

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  1. Did you find any users that had invalid conference ID’s after you did this as I have a scenario when I have migrated 2010 to 2013 removed the directory and 2013 users keep being given ID’s for the removed directory.

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  2. Hi,

    No I didn’t find any invalid conference ID’s after I did this, only before. Are the users able to change their conference ID via the dial-in conference settings page?


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  3. Yes they can but currently they get random ID’s every time where as they should get static. But when I query the database you can see in the user results that the static ID they should get has anchored itself to 2010 which is no more and some users still even doing this get an invalid ID.

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