Lync 2013 – Enabling Topology Completed With Errors

I recently started building a Lync 2013 Pilot Pool alongside my Lync 2010 deployment. When publishing the topology I got the following errors:

Publishing in progress

Failed adding “AccessWrite” permissions for “RTCComponentUniversalServices”
Failed adding “AccessRead” permissions for “RTCComponentUniversalServices”
Failed adding “AccessWrite” permissions for “RTCHSUniversalServices”
Failed adding “AccessRead” permissions for “RTCHSUniversalServices”
Failed adding “AccessWrite” permissions for “RTCUniversalServerAdmins”
Failed adding “AccessRead” permissions for “RTCUniversalServerAdmins”

Access control list (ACL) might fail on UNIX file shares. Refer to the deployment guide to manually set the ACLs in the file share.

When the Publishing wizard is complete you see the error:

Enabling Topology… Completed with errors

When you view the log file you see the following errors for the Lync File Share:

ACLError: Access permissions error.

Error: Failed to save permissions on “\server.domain.localLyncFS$”.

Updated Fix: When running Topology Builder, right click and “Run As Administrator”.  Thanks to Dave in the comments below.

To fix this I had to add the following groups to the Share (Not NTFS) permissions on the Lync File Share. I had to do this even though Everyone had Full Control on the Share Permissions. Topology Builder would fail publishing the topology until I added these groups on.


After changing the Share permissions, the topology published successfully:

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  1. I encounter the same problem. I don’t know why the “Everyone” group permission is not working perhaps something to do with the grouping permission in the grouping setting in AD.

  2. This post resolved my problem, also I had to add another group RTCUniversalConfigReplicator.

    Thanks for the post.


  3. After trying a bunch of published solutions including the ones above and all not working, I found that opening the Topology Builder with a right-click “run as administrator” helped resolve this for me.

  4. my problem is about enable cs-topology :
    << a trusted service with the type"qos" and the fully qualify domain name —- was found for a previouse server version .

  5. tnks man, but i need to also add:

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