Script install of Lync 2010 client with a CU and MUI pack

In this post I will cover how to deploy the Lync 2010 client with a CU (Cumulative Update) and MUI (Multilingual User Interface) pack.  I used this method to deploy Lync 2010 with Microsoft SCCM.

Create a package source folder (e.g. Lync_2010_MUI_CU7, then download the following files place them into two subfolders named “32bit” and “64bit”:

32bit Folder:
LyncSetup.exe (Lync 2010 32bit setup file)
Lync.msp (Lync 2010 32bit CU – Download CU 7)
LyncMUI_32bit.exe (Lync 2010 32bit MUI setup file – Download)

64bit Folder:
LyncSetup.exe (Lync 2010 64bit setup file)
Lync.msp (Lync 2010 64bit CU 6 update – Download CU 7)
LyncMUI_64bit.exe (Lync 2010 64bit MUI setup file – Download)

Create the following Batch File named install.bat containing the code below and save it in the root of the package source folder:


You can then create a package within SCCM using the package source folder and create a program that runs install.bat.  This will install Lync 2010 on 32bit and 64bit machines.  You can of course split the 32 bit and 64 bit in to separate packages but this method suited my environment.



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