Skype for Business – Central Management Backup Module Failed

I recently deployed Skype for Business 2015 standard edition pool pairing.  The CMS was originally on a Lync 2010 Standard edition server and was moved over to a Skype4B Pool1 when Lync was decommissioned.

Skype4B Pool2 (FE2) was logging the following event IDs every few minutes:

I found the following post TechNet but Windows Firewall was disabled for Domain Networks on the customers environment.

I downloaded SQL 2014 Management Studio (MgmtStudio 64BIT\SQLManagementStudio_x64_ENU.exe) from Microsoft Download.  I then connected to the RTC (FRONTEND\RTC) Instance on both Front End servers and opened the security on the XDS (Central Management Store) database:

Front End 2:FE02 XDS

Front End 1: FE01 XDS

It was immediately apparent that FE2 had different security to FE1.  To resolve on FE2:

  • Added “FRONTEND\RTC Local Config Replicator” as a SQL Login under Security
  • Granted the following groups the correct role on the XDS Database:
    • FRONTEND\RTC Local Administrators – Publisher Role
    • FRONTEND\RTC Local Config Replicator – Replicator Role
    • FRONTEND\RTC Local Read-only Administrators – Consumer Role

For good measure I restarted the Skype4B services on FE2 (Stop-CsWindowsService / Start-CsWindowsService)

The event logs are now clean on FE2.



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