Skype for Business 2015 – Automated Backup Script

A few years ago I created a Lync 2013 backup script that would backup data from all servers in the Topology. Lync 2013 Automated Backup Script

This script also works with Skype for Business 2015 but it specifically backed up Response Group and User data by identifying the pool version.  The script below has been updated and tested on SfB 2015.


To run the script as a scheduled task:

  1. Create a service account and add it to the RTCUniversalServerAdmins AD group (e.g. svclyncbackup)
  2. Copy the above PowerShell script to one of your SfB servers (e.g. Front End 1 C:\Tasks\SfB-Backup.ps1)
  3. Create a scheduled task to run daily (e.g. 3am)
  4. Create an Action > Start a Program > Program=powershell.exe > Arguments=C:\Tasks\SfB-Backup.ps1



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