Microsoft Teams – Notify When Available (Tagging)

If you have used Lync or Skype for Business, you will be familiar with the “Tag for Status Change Alerts” feature, AKA Tagging. If you’re not familiar, have you ever signed into SfB and someone IMs you straight away? You were most likely tagged!

This feature has been missing from Microsoft Teams and has over 600 votes on User Voice:
The last updated, posted by Alex on 07/02/2019 stated ” I’m excited to announce that this feature is in internal testing, and should be coming soon! Thanks! “

Today I noticed this feature is available in my companies Teams Tenant and is now called “Notify when available”.

This appears to work for internal Teams users and Skype users (If you’re in Teams Only mode). This feature does not appear to be available on Federated Contacts.

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