Lync – Change queue overflow number with PowerShell Script

The scenario is you have created a Response Group (IVR) with an option to call an Out Of Hours engineer.  You configure a queue overflow to forward straight to a mobile telephone number outside of your organisation as follows:


The out of hours engineer changes on a rota and you want staff to be able to change the queue overflow number without giving them having to access the Lync Control Panel.  I have created a PowerShell script that allows users to accomplish this.  They can select from a list of names in the menu or manually type a number.  Any changes are logged to a text file.


Here is the script:

# Author: Created by Weakest Lync,
# Purpose: Script to Change Queue Overflow Number
# Version: 1.0
# Changes: DATE - Change
# 12/07/2013 - Release 1.0

# Script Config
Import-Module Lync
$team = "ICT Service Desk" #Team script is used for
$queue = "ICT Service Desk" #Lync Queue Name
$sipdomain = "" #Lync Sip Domain
$lyncpool = "Service:ApplicationServer:LyncFE01.domain.local" #Lync front end pool identity
$logfile = "\fileservershareLynclog.txt"

# Menu
Write-Host "* Change" $team "On Call Number *" -ForegroundColor Cyan
Write-Host " "
Write-Host "Change the" $team "On Call number to:"
Write-Host " "
Write-Host "1. User1" -foregroundcolor Yellow
Write-Host "2. User2" -foregroundcolor Yellow
Write-Host "3. User3" -foregroundcolor Yellow
Write-Host "4. User4" -foregroundcolor Yellow
Write-Host "5. User5" -foregroundcolor Yellow
Write-Host "6. Other" -foregroundcolor Yellow
Write-Host " "
$a = Read-Host "Select 1-6: "
Write-Host " "

# Logic to set sip URI based on menu selection
switch ($a)
1 {
$forwardname = "User1"
$forwardto = "+447123456781"
2 {
$forwardname = "User2"
$forwardto = "+447123456782"
3 {
$forwardname = "User3"
$forwardto = "+447123456783"
4 {
$forwardname = "User4"
$forwardto = "+447123456784"
5 {
$forwardname = "User5"
$forwardto = "+447123456785"
6 {
# Other
Write-Host "Enter phone number in E.164 format e.g.: " -NoNewLine
Write-Host "+44123456789" -ForegroundColor Magenta
$forwardto = Read-Host "Phone Number"

# Code to put E.164 phone numbers into sip format
$forwardto = "sip:" + $forwardto
$forwardto = $forwardto + $sipdomain

# Code to change on call number in Lync
$x = Get-CsRgsQueue -Identity $lyncpool -Name $queue
$x.OverflowAction = New-CsRgsCallAction -Action TransferToPstn -Uri $forwardto
Set-CsRgsQueue -Instance $x

# Write to log file
$date = Get-Date
Write-output "$date, $team, $forwardname, $forwardto" | Out-File -append $logfile

Write-Host "On call number changed to: " -NoNewline
Write-Host $forwardname "-" $forwardto -ForegroundColor Green
Write-Host " "


Users need to be a member of CSResponseGroupAdministrator and have the Lync Admin Tools installed.  However, in my environment I have created a service account and used psexec to publish the script via Citrix (The Citrix server has the Lync Admin Tools installed).

c:\scripts\psexec.exe -e -u domain\RGSSVCAccount -p password C:\Windows\System32\Windows\PowerShellv1.0\powershell.exe -noexit “C:\Scripts\LyncScripts\Lync_QueueOverflow.ps1”


3 Replies to “Lync – Change queue overflow number with PowerShell Script”

  1. Thank you for the script! I changed line 63 as we use a timeout instead of overflows

    $x.TimeoutAction = New-CsRgsCallAction -Action TransferToUri -Uri $forwardto

    I added the admin user accounts to CSResponseGroupAdministrator but am getting the following error when running remotely (it works fine directly on the pool server):
    Get-CsRgsQueue : Cannot open database “rgsconfig” requested by the login. The login failed.
    Login failed for user ‘DOMAIN\user.

    Do you have any suggestions?


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