Skype for Business – Get QoS Configuration with PowerShell

When configuring QoS (Quality of Service) in Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business you need to modify the media port ranges for various Services and Configuration using PowerShell.

Pat Richard has made a brilliant QoS calculator for Lync/Skype for Business here  The calculator will provide you with the PowerShell commands required to configure QoS port ranges and the GPO’s.  The calculator also gives you the commands to verify the Configuration (which this post is based on).

I needed to verify the QoS configuration on a customers environment with multiple pools.  The PowerShell script below will run all of the verify commands in Pat’s script against all pools.

Output below:


Full output below:

From the above you can see that the port ranges for all modalities are as follows:

  • Audio: 50,000 > 54,999 (50,000 > 50,019 P2P)
  • Video: 55,000 > 59,999 (55,000 > 55,019 P2P)
  • App Sharing: 60,000 > 64999 (60,000 > 60,019) P2P
  • File Transfer: 65,000 > 65,019 (P2P)

Another nice feature of the QoS calculator is aligning the P2P ports with the Server ports.

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